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Welcome to Top Expert Choices, the best advice blog on the internet!

Top Expert Choices was started by a team of people who are passionate about topics like technology, health, and consumption. We started this site to help you choose for yourself the most suitable products for whatever you’re planning to buy.

In the internet, choice overwhelm is a very real thing. For any product you’d like to buy, it’s no longer as simple as going to the local discount store, hardware store, or specialty store. Now, anything you want or need is available online at hundreds or more online shops. 

For example, if you’re looking to buy a table saw, how in the world do you make a decision about which table saw to buy when there are literally dozens or more brands to choose from? 

Whether you’re looking for the table saw we mentioned above, an essential oil diffuser, or the best resistance bands, we’re going to cover it for you so that you can make the most informed buying choices. 

But once you know which product you want to buy, how do you know how to put them to their best use?  That’s where our tips and tricks content comes into play. For every category we write about, we also have great informational content articles on best practices, tips, and hacks on how to get the most out of your new product. 

We love hearing from our readers. If you have any questions or content recommendations, please drop a comment on one of our articles or send a private message to the team. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Meet the Top Expert Choices Team

Duane Myers bio picture

Duane Myers

Senior Editor 

My first job out of college wasn’t something most people would consider exciting, but it was important work. You know those long manuals that come with computers, tech gadgets, and software programs? I wrote lots of that kind of stuff. 

Progressing to technical guides was an easy progression for me, and putting my skills to use here at Top Expert Choices is the most rewarding work of my career.

I’m very fortunate in that we’ve grown a team of highly competent and talented people. 

When I’m not working, I try to get outdoors as much as possible. It renews and refreshes me in ways that nothing else can. You can email me at dmyers@topexpertchoices.com

Philip Roberson bio picture

Philip Roberson

Communications Manager

After high school, I attended college to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. I put my newfound skills into practice even while in college, handling the role of spokesperson for some of the clubs I was a member of. 

After college, I went to work as a public relations manager for a large retail chain. That’s where I was really able to hone my skills. Taking this skillset to the online world was a natural next step for me. 

Working online has allowed me to have more free time to pursue the activities I grew to love as a child, including community theatre. You can reach me at proberson@topexpertchoices.com

Yvonne Walsh bio picture

Yvonne Walsh

Health & Fitness Specialist

I was an athlete in high school, and my experiences fueled a lifelong passion for fitness, nutrition, and wellness. Also, I grew up in a healthy home. My parents were devoted to clean eating way before it became cool, so I guess you could say I got an early informal education in how to take care of the human body.

My early experiences led me to pursue a degree in health and fitness. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine, then went ahead and got my National certified Personal Trainer certification. 

I learned that the best way to help people be more fit and healthy is to widely distribute high-quality information. The internet has made this possible, and it’s great to be a part of a movement that is bringing awareness to healthy living. You can email me at ywalsh@topexpertchoices.com