Best Backpack Sprayer Reviews 2018 – Get Rid of Unwanted Organisms in Your Yard

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best backpack sprayer reviewsAre you looking for the best backpack sprayer to help you with your gardening activities? Scouring the Internet for backpack sprayer reviews must be a little overwhelming, but it could you a lot in making your final decision.

Last week, I visited my brother who owns a large vegetable garden. He grows various kinds of vegetables including cabbages, carrots, broccolis, cauliflowers, radishes, and more. He was busy giving instructions to some people who work in his garden at the time.

I saw them wearing a backpack sprayer and it seemed like they were just about to start working. I just sat down in the corner and watched them. When he was done, he came towards me and we started talking about the backpack sprayer they have.

He told me various tips and points to consider when getting the best backpack sprayer as I, myself, need one as well. In this article, I will share with you some of the things my brother has shared with me so you will also be able to decide on which product is best for you.

How To Choose The Best Backpack Sprayer

There are so many things you need to consider when getting your own backpack sprayer. These things relate to the features that every product comes with. Before you make your final decision, you have to look out for these features that will help you fully understand what a backpack sprayer can help you with.

Here are the things you need to consider when choosing the best product for you:

1. Parts of the Backpack Sprayer

First of all, you have to be fully aware of the parts of a backpack sprayer. This is so you know what you are getting and you know what each part if made for once you already have it.

  • Tank – Most backpack sprayer pumps are lightweight because they are equipped with compact tanks. Check whether the tank is made of polyethylene plastic which makes it durable and resistant to chemicals. It also determines whether the backpack sprayer is UV protected or not. Normally, a tank can contain two to four gallons of liquid so the lightness or heaviness of the sprayer will depend on how much liquid it contains.
  • Pump – The pump is one important feature that you have to look out for since it is the one responsible for drawing the liquid from the tank to the pressurizing chamber. The chamber contains the seals and valves that hold the liquid under pressure. When you squeeze the pumping lever or the valve on the wand, that is when the liquid is released through the nozzle.
  • Wand – The wand is also another important part since it allows you to release the liquid from the tank and spray it on your desired area. With this feature, you will easily spray liquids even in hard to reach areas.
  • Nozzle – The most important part of a backpack sprayer is the nozzle since it controls the flow and pattern of your spray. You have to take note that there are different types of nozzles and each type gives different types of spray patterns as well. With a specific type of nozzle, you can either spray on a narrow or wide stream, direct stream or adjustable and many others. This feature will help you a lot to control the flow of your spray when you only need to do that in a smaller area.

2. Types of Backpack Sprayers

Of course, you also have to know the different types of backpack sprayer so you will know which one you are actually looking for. There are three types of sprayers, two of which is operated mechanically while one could be manual or motorized.

  • Piston backpack sprayer – This type of a backpack sprayer is recognized by having pumps that go in an up-and-down motion. Piston backpack sprayers are usually cheap, however, they cannot actually be used for harsh and highly abrasive chemicals. This is because the chemicals might damage the piston.
  • Diaphragm backpack sprayer – This type of sprayer is usually more expensive than the others. It works similarly like a piston one, but it does not contain an internal chamber. When you pump its handle, the diaphragm creates the pressure. Unlike piston sprayers, this sprayer is more resistant to chemicals. You can even use powders with it. What you will like about this type is that it will allow you for quicker pressure although it is more high maintenance.
  • Manual or motorized backpack sprayer – The only difference between a manual and a motorized backpack sprayer is that with a manual sprayer, you have to operate the hand pump, while you will be relieved the pressure on your hand with a motorized sprayer. Manual prayers are more affordable while motorized sprayers can help you work on a large area with the help of a powerful battery.

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3. Benefits

If you are looking for the best backpack sprayer, then you must also know the many benefits it can offer.

  • High power. Decide whether you need a backpack sprayer that is equipped with a high power pressure. A high power pressure allows you to release fine mist sprays whenever you need it and no matter how extreme it is.
  • Energy boost. Most backpack sprayers are powered by a battery supply. Since the energy is continuous, it can help you get your job done very quickly.
  • A backpack sprayer is very reliable and efficient. With this tool’s ease of use, you will be able to do your work without stress.
  • Durability and Availability. A good quality sprayer is usually equipped with a tank that is made of high-density polyethylene plastic that is UV protected. When you use it, you have to make sure that your sprayer will not leak so it is also important that your sprayer comes with an industrial strength hose and seal that are both chemical and leak resistant.

Best Backpack Sprayer Quick Comparison Table

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Best Backpack Sprayer Reviews

1. Chapin 63985 4-Gallon Wide Mouth 20v Battery Backpack Sprayer, Powered by Black & Decker

best-backpack-sprayer-reviews-chapin-63985In case you are looking for the best backpack sprayer that will help you get rid of unwanted pests not only in your garden but also in your home, the Chapin 63985 4-Gallon Wide Mouth 20v Battery Backpack Sprayer is the one for you. It will definitely save you a lot of time, money and effort.

What my brother and I like about this product is its 4-gallon tank which is a great size for anyone who spends a lot of time spraying on a small to medium-sized properties. If you fill the tank to its maximum capacity, you will spend lesser time on refilling it. That means you will not have to keep refilling it because it does not get used up fast.

In case you will need a steady stream, this product can do that for a maximum of 35 feet because of its 35-40 psi of pressure. This means you will easily finish doing your spraying job in a short period of time.

In my opinion, I really like the design and style of this sprayer. Its tank is translucent and made of polyethylene and it is UV-protected. It also has a wide mouth opening which makes it very easy for you to refill it without messing it up. Besides that, it also has a cushioned grip shut-off that comes with a built-in serviceable filter. This is great because it ensures that the nozzle will not be clogged with any debris.

Another thing you will definitely like about this sprayer is that it is operated with a powerful 20-Volt Black & Decker lithium-ion battery. This battery can provide you with almost two hours of nonstop spraying. Since it is a long-lasting battery, you can spray 50 gallons of liquids until you have to recharge it.

Since this backpack sprayer is motorized and it is powered by a battery, you will have to recharge it every now and then. And when it needs to be charged, you will have to leave it plugged into an energy source for three and a half hours. Other than that, however, I think that it is still a great product because of its ease of use and its great quality.

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2. Field King Professional 190328 No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer for Killing Weeds in Lawns and Gardens

best-backpack-sprayer-reviews-field-king-professional-190328Here is another product that we absolutely vote for and I am sure you will also consider this because of the many great features it possesses. First of all, this sprayer is called a “no leak” pump sprayer since it is equipped with an internal pump that makes sure the chemicals will not leak. This means that you no longer have to think about any chemical leakage and you can do your job without stressing out about it.

Next, this backpack sprayer can hold up to four gallons of liquids at a time. This is great when you need to spray on bigger lawns and gardens. In case you are worried about its weight, this sprayer weighs around 13 lbs. It is a little heavier than other products, but you do not have to worry about that because it comes with cushioned shoulder straps and soft back pad that makes it comfortable to carry in your back.

It comes with four adjustable nozzles that will allow you to spray chemicals in different ways and patterns. The sprayer can create up to 150 PSI which means you can easily spray even in long distances since it can reach just about any area. With this feature, you can just stay in one area and not move at all while you spray.

It has a filter basket inside the tank which catches debris and will make sure the nozzle is not clogged. This internal filtration basket will also keep it clean and maintained all the time. When you want to clean the tank, you can remove the basket easily and quickly.

Finally, the only thing you need to think about very well is that this backpack sprayer will require you a great deal of pumping since it is a diaphragm sprayer. You also need to know that its wand does not lock or shut off. However, with its great quality, it will surely still offer you good service usage for a long period of time.

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3. Chapin 61900 4-Gallon Tree and Turf Pro Commercial Backpack Sprayer with Stainless Steel Wand

best-backpack-sprayer-reviews- chapin-61900The Chapin 61900 is one of the best backpack sprayers that my brother and I really like. Although its price is very low, its versatility and durability are definitely outstanding. First of all, it comes with an in-tank filter that you can just grip and remove every time you clean them. This feature is a 3-stage filtration that allows you to clean and maintain the tank easily. Its sprayer cap has a 4-inch wide mouth opening that will make it so much easier for you to clean it and fill with liquid.

If you fill its tank to its maximum capacity, you will not feel the need to refill it all the time. This is because it can fill up to four gallons of liquid. In relation to that, it is very easy to determine whether the tank still has chemicals or not because the tank is translucent.

It is indeed designed and structured very well which also ensures no leakage at all. Its wand comes with a poly shut-off that hosts a pressure gauge and with this, you can easily check the pressure any time you want.

The poly shut-off has three nozzles that will allow you to spray in different ways and patterns. The nozzles also come with an ergonomic cushion grip handle which will make your job easier and more comfortable to do. In cases where you need to spray on a very large area, this sprayer is equipped with stainless steel wand that is long enough for you to access difficult-to-reach places without moving a lot.

Lastly, because this product is not motorized, it means that you have to manually pump it all the time. It could be tiring especially when you use it on a large area. However, with its great features, it could still be a great product for you. After all, it is not very expensive.

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4. Chapin 61500 4-Gallon Euro Style Backpack Sprayer For Fertilizer, Herbicides, and Pesticides

best-backpack-sprayer-reviews- chapin-61500If you are looking for a cheap backpack sprayer with a good quality, my brother and I will highly recommend the Chapin 61500 sprayer. It comes with great features that can greatly help you in getting rid of pests in your garden, lawn, vineyard, or even in your own home.

What we especially like about this sprayer is its versatility. First of all, it is compatible with common fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides. That means whatever chemical you use, this sprayer will work well with it.

This sprayer can contain a maximum capacity of four gallons. I like that it has a four-inch wide mouth opening that will make it so much easier for you to refill the tank with liquids. The tank is very translucent which also means you can quickly determine whether it already needs refilling.

In case you are thinking that this sprayer can get really heavy when you fill it to its maximum capacity, don’t worry because it comes with padded shoulder straps. This will provide you comfort especially on your back while you do your work.

Aside from that, I think it is also great that this sprayer has a 2-stage filtration system. It has one filter at the top and another filter at its shut-off. This makes it easier for you to clean it whenever you want. Its poly shut-off even comes with two nozzles. These nozzles are adjustable poly cone and a fan tip. This will allow you to spray chemicals in two different ways.

Finally, I think that the only thing you can be worried about if you like this product is that it can be a bit complicated when you assemble it. You have to carefully read the instructions or step-by-step guide to be able to put it all together easily.

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5. Solo 425 4-Gallon Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer

best-backpack-sprayer-reviews--solo-425Solo 425 is a piston type backpack sprayer that is equipped with so many good features. First, this sprayer can hold up to four gallons of chemicals at a single time. This feature will allow you to spray liquids in yards of all sizes, from small to large for a longer period of time. Its tank has a four-inch mouth that will make it easy for you to refill the tank with chemicals whenever you need it. Since it is a wide opening, it will also prevent spilling.

What my brother and I like most about this sprayer are its design and good quality. It is made of tough and durable plastic that is also UV-protected. Its spray tank can also resist a great deal of wear and tear. It even comes with a spray trigger lock that can allow you to spray continuously. This feature also reduces hand fatigue because you do not have to constantly squeeze the lever with your hands.

Moreover, this backpack sprayer comes with four adjustable nozzles which are the jet stream, hollow cone, fan spray and one fully adjustable nozzle. This is really good because it allows you to accommodate various spraying applications.

Its piston pump can create 90 PSI of pressure that will help you spray on long distances (about 25 feet). That means even when you just stay in one area without moving, you can still use it and spray on hard-to-reach areas. Its piston pumping system is definitely made for high spraying power and easy use.

When unfilled, this sprayer can weigh around 14 lbs. It can be a bit heavier than other sprayers but it is equipped with padded shoulder straps and a soft back pad that support you while you work. There are some users who reported that the shoulder straps are not high quality and that they seem to cut their shoulders when worn for a long period of time. However, some users still find it comfortable enough to use.

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There are so many backpack sprayers available in the market, and all of them offer so many great features that can help you a lot in getting rid of unwanted organisms in your backyard. No matter what product you choose if you are looking for the best backpack sprayer, I hope that my best backpack sprayer reviews will greatly help you in making a wise decision.

Did you like reading my article? If so, please do not forget to click the “like” button and share this article with your friends. Just in case you have some comments or recommendations, do not hesitate to leave a message and I would love to respond as soon as possible. Thank you so much for reading!

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