The Best Portable Table Saw to Have in Your Workshop

Best portable tabletop saw is cutting the table

It takes a lot of stamina and strength to cut through wood. A lot of that strength and energy can disappear if you have to lug a heavy saw around. That’s why you need the best portable table saw. That way you can save all your strength for the job.

Comparison Table

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How We Choose Our Ratings

Best Portable Tabletop Saw is cutting the wood

Image by MasterTux from Pixabay

We look at what tool lovers say are the best as a place to start. There are so many portable table saws out there that it’s hard to know where to start. Cutting down the options to what experts consider are the best makes it easier for us to create the list.

With our list ready, we research what an average customer thinks of these saws. This way we know if they are usable for a regular person versus being too complicated.

We also look through the reviews and find the common highlights and problems with each saw. That way depending on your wants and needs you know which is the best portable table saw for you.

7 Best Portable Table Saw

We picked saws from a variety of different brands to get the widest range possible. They are also at different prices to fit anyone’s budget.

1. Bosch 10 Inch Table Saw

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This saw features a Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand that makes it easy to use and move. You can collapse the table to pick it up and put in your car or adjust the height to your needs. The table is stable, so you don’t have to worry about inaccuracy while cutting.

It has soft-start circuitry that will start the motor slowly and then speeds it up to control the intensity. This way cutting is smooth and accurate. It also minimizes the risk of tripping a circuit breaker.

The saw has SquareLock rip fence that is supposed to help cut well and make it easy to do so. One-handed cutting is doable because of the guide along rail and anti-kickback pawls.

The huge cutting area can handle up to twenty-five inches of wood. It also has a high powered motor that can handle 3,650 rpm with ease. You will be able to be precise and productive.

People like that it’s easy to move and store. It’s perfect for those who work on different works sites often. It’s precise and can be used in various projects.

The dust catching system leaves something to be desired. There are many complaints about dust flying everywhere and getting into all the nooks and crannies of the machine.

2. Craftsman Evolv 15 Amp 10 Inch Table Saw

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The table not only has a powerful saw but a sheer tabletop for smooth cuts, even with tough corners. The advanced guarding system gives plenty of blade coverage for safety. Speaking of safety, this saw also features anti-kickback pawl that’s easy to use.

The spreader easily moves to different positions and a lower riving knife position with an internal cam lever. The cutting space can handle up to twenty-five inches of wood. The steel tabletop can handle all the damage that you give it.

It also features a 24T carbide tipped blade, stand, blade wrenches, hex keys, blade guard assembly, push stick, miter gauge, and an operations manual.

People like this saw because it offers power and a lot of features for a low price. It’s quiet which is refreshing compared to other saws. It’s easy to set up and cuts well.

This is better suited for DIYers than a professional woodworker. There have been some complaints about the fence being hard to align.

3. SKILSAW Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

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This saw has a fifteen-amp Duel-Field Motor. What this means is that the motor has dual copper windings that make the copper surface area bigger. Having a bigger copper surface keeps the motor cool. It also has an rpm of 5,300.

That coolness will come in handy as you rip through plank after plank. You can use sheets of plywood up to four times the material thanks to the twenty-five-inch rip capacity and a three and a half inch depth of cut.

It’s durable due to the all steel roll cage and die-cast aluminum top. The mechanisms that make the blade go up and down are made of metal to handle the hot temperatures without breaking.

It also only weighs forty-nine pounds, and you can use it with one hand. The saw includes a twenty-four tooth carbide-tipped blade, miter gauge, self-aligning fence, guard system with anti-kickback, insert plate, push stick, and wrench.

People like that this saw is stable and simple to set up and take down. It’s also accurate when cutting, even when cutting many pieces of wood at once.

Some people have a hard time with the fence. There have been complaints about it being hard to set up, and it comes off sometimes.

4. DEWALT DW745 Compact Table Saw

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This saw weighs forty-five pounds and packs a lot of punch in a small machine. It has a fifteen high torque motor that can go up to 3,850 rotations per hour. You can make adjustments without tools thanks to the Site-Pro Modular Guarding System.

Due to the fence configuration design, it has a twenty-inch rip capacity. The rack and pinion fence rails make fence adjustments fast, easy, and not to mention accurate. The table’s surface is coated to minimize friction for better cut quality.

It features telescoping fence rails, dust collection port, blade guard, push stick, and a miter gauge. All this is in a product that’s easy to carry around from to job.

With all the features and power it offers in a lightweight product makes it a favorite among reviewers. The saw is steady and accurate and goes through wood easily. People of all skill levels can use it for their projects.

A lot of people threw away the miter gauge and bought a new one. There have been complaints about the amount of noise it makes.

5. SKIL 3410-02 10 Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand

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This is popular among DIY woodworkers and professionals that want something lightweight to carry for smaller projects. You can rip, crosscut, miter, or bevel with this saw. It features a ten-inch table saw, carbide tooth blade, two blade wrenches, a heavy-duty steel folding stand, self-aligning rip fence, and a miter gauge.

The saw’s fifteen-amp motor has an rpm of five thousand. It can go through any type of wood. The convenience of the folding table is good for when you have to cut multiple pieces of wood.

It’s easy to set up and take down. It’s easy to measure wood thanks to the saw’s EZ view measurement system and self-aligning rip fence.

The saw is powerful and goes through wood quickly. People who are new to working with wood find it easy to use and set up. People also think the table to be very convenient.

People have a hard time adjusting the fence, and it has a small gap that some planks of wood will fall under. Some people also find it hard to transport.

6. Rockwell BladeRunner Portable Tabletop Saw

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This saw cuts through wood, metal, tile, aluminum, and plastic. It can also rip, scroll, miter, and do inside cuts. It has five different blades that only takes three seconds to change without tools.

It features a built-in tabletop handle so you can take it anywhere. It will be easy to carry because it weighs less than fifteen pounds. The saw includes a vacuum port, a steel rip fence, miter gauge, and a three-year warranty.

People like this product because it comes with different blades and is super portable. It’s great for people who have small spaces. People praise the versatility of this machine.

There have been complaints about the vibrations being intense and the machine needing to be held down. It’s also been reported that it’s a bit noisy.

7. Hitachi Jobsite Table Saw

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This saw has a fifteen-amp motor that has 4,500 rpm. It has a soft start function that reduces the risk of recoil. It forces the machine to start up slowly and build up power. Being powerful doesn’t mean it’s not safe. It has an electric brake that will stop the saw in the rotation of the blade within seconds.

The forty tooth carbide tipped blade makes it easy to plow through multiple planks of wood at once. It features a bevel range of zero to forty degrees.

It has a telescoping table extension that supports thirty-five inches of ripping capacity to the right and twenty-two inches to the left.

You can adjust the bevel scale, and bevel height adjustment knobs for easy access. Its design allows for a stable and durable fold and roll stand.

The saw is easy to set up and take down. The safety features of the saw are a hit among reviewers. The saw and fence work well and keep measurements accurate.

People have complained about the manual being no help because the text is too small to read. The size can be awkward to carry around and use, and it’s heavy.

Buyer’s Guide

Best portable tabletop saw is cutting the wood in the table

Image by annawaldl from Pixabay

There are certain features that you should look for in a portable table saw. Depending on what your needs are, some will be more important than others.


Let’s start with the obvious, you came here looking for the best portable table saw, and that saw needs to be easy to carry around. Struggling to haul around a saw will get annoying fast. Portability involves weight and ease of moving.

Many saws on this list are around under fifty pounds, those that weigh more have wheels that way there is no carrying involved.

You probably already know this, but don’t try to carry more than you can handle. It will cause you injuries that could even put you out of work. So it’s important how much you can carry or if you would prefer to wheel your saw everywhere.


Safety should be the essential feature that you focus on. Life isn’t something you can control, but you can control the safety features of your saw. Make sure the on and off switch is in an easy spot to reach. You should be able to access it without even thinking about it.

How quickly will the saw shut down in an emergency? Does it have good kickback control? These are types of questions to ask yourself and the product pages as you browse.


A saw is no good without power. Most of these saws feature a fifteen-amp motors, so none of them are better than others in that aspect. There are differences in rpms if that’s important to you, though some people don’t believe it relates to power.


If you are taking your saw out to a job site, there are a lot of unknown variables that could damage your saw versus having it in your workshop. That’s why you need to look at what the saw is made of and check reviews to see if it can take a beating.

It would be helpful if it’s easy to replace the blade as it gets dull over time. That way the overall machine can last a long time and ultimately save you money.


Accuracy is vital in cutting wood, and sometimes portability decreases accuracy. Luckily, many portable saws, including the ones on this list, is that they come with fences that help with accuracy. Some even have extra measuring tools.

If you struggle with accuracy, make sure to check the reviews to see how other people did with it.

Get the Job Done

Best portable tabletop saw is cutting the table wood

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

You have all the info you need to pick the best saw for you and your jobs. Just make sure to check reviews on any product that you are interested in because they can stop you from making a huge mistake.

Featured Image: Image by annawaldl from Pixabay

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