Best Shoes For Nurses: Features, Price, Pros, And Cons

Woman holding stethoscope

Woman holding stethoscope

Nursing is a fantastic profession, but it can get hectic as it involves a lot of walking, standing, and running around. What’s more, the long shifts subject your feet to trauma and pain. Research shows that the extended working hours predisposes nurses to embolisms, deep vein thrombosis, and varicosities.

It’s essential to get quality nursing shoes that are comfortable if you work long medical shifts. Below is an ultimate guide on how to choose the best shoes for nurses, and some essential factors to consider when shoe shopping.

Comparison Table

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Shoes For Nurses FAQs

Some of the common FAQs about shoes for nurses include:

  1. What are the types of shoes designed for nurses?

You can choose between three categories of shoes mainly sneakers, slip-on, and clogs. The type of shoe you decide on depends on factors like comfort, work environment, and durability.

  1. Are there factors to look for in nursing shoes?

Yes, you should check the shoes for balance, comfort, ventilation, and grip.

  1. Can I find nursing shoes if I have flat feet?

Manufacturers have now come up with shoes to provide support for flat feet and other conditions like plantar fasciitis. Some shoes allow orthopedic inserts for extra support.

  1. Is there a type that works for frequent spills?

Shoes with rubber soles offer excellent slip resistance and traction.

What Are The Benefits Of Nursing Shoes?

Nursing shoes can help:

  • Reduce discomfort and stress
  • Enhance balance and stability
  • Reduce low back pain and foot pain
  • Prevent spinal problems

How We Chose Our Ratings

We spent countless hours researching the best shoes for nurses. Our research looked at factors like comfort, durability, design, and traction. We understand that some people may be willing to splurge, while others may be working with a limited budget. It’s for this reason why we chose various shoes with different price tags.

The Best Shoes For Nurses

Some of the best shoes for nurses include:


[amazon link=”B07H8JTC4R” title=”Nurse Mates Velocity Nursing Shoes” /]

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The Nurse Mates Velocity Nursing Shoes is an excellent shoe if you’re looking for comfort and style. Its sneaker slip-on design ensures that you not only get a beautiful shoe but also one that you can walk in throughout the day without any pain.

You’ll love the quality leather material incorporated by corrective orthotic functionality. These shoes have laces that give you the freedom to adjust their tightness. The fun, yet colorful patterns add a sense of style to your nursing ensemble.

Although the shoes have a mesh design, they don’t allow spills to seep through, and you can wipe off the stains in no time. Also, at first, the shoes may look bulky due to the sole size, but they are lightweight and offer slip resistance and a fantastic grip.

You may need to get a size and half than your regular fit if you have wide feet as the Nurse Mates Velocity shoes are narrow than other brands.

On the downside, the shoe’s enclosed build doesn’t promote breathability, which could be a problem. What’s more, people with flat feet may find that the shoe provides a lot of arch support.


  • Comfort and all-day support
  • Rocker bottom for shock absorption
  • Extra support


  • Difficult to break in hard soles
  • Sizing may be different


[amazon link=”B07CX5Z43N” title=”Dansko Professional Clogs for Nurses” /]

[amazon box=”B07CX5Z43N”]

Dansko is a reputable brand thanks to the shoe quality and comfort levels. The professional clogs are suitable for those with a high arch and nurses looking for comfort. What’s more, the Dansko clogs have a rubberized material on the sole and lining, something that makes them durable.

They are roomy to accommodate swollen feet after a long day at work. The manufacturer goes ahead to incorporate extra shock absorbency and stability, which keeps you grounded all day long.

The dual density foam is removable and helps to absorb moisture while keeping you comfortable. What’s more, the sole has an excellent grip that resists oils, bodily fluids, and water.

Unfortunately, the clogs are not ideal for those with narrow feet. Some users find it expensive compared to other nursing shoes in the market.


  • Soft leather upper
  • Breathable PU foam
  • APMA approved
  • Padded instep collar


  • May be narrow for wide feet


[amazon link=”B0084CX5GW” title=”Algeria Debra Professional” /]

[amazon box=”B0084CX5GW”]

The Algeria Debra professional clogs are lightweight, comfortable, and stable. Also, the shoes have a soft foam that leaves your feet feeling relaxed after a long shift. Another major aspect is the removable insole that allows you to insert a custom insole for a better fit.

You may have to get a shoe size that’s a half size bigger than your normal shoe. Moreover, like Dansko, Algeria Debra professional clogs come in different print design guaranteed to attract compliments.

However, some users have reported that the printed design peel off or crack. What’s more, some users find the top of the shoe to fit tightly.


  • No squeak sole
  • Perfect for those with plantar fasciitis
  • Professional, yet fun


  • Size may run small


[amazon link=”B00NXZ0HQ6″ title=”Skechers for Work Women” /]

[amazon box=”B00NXZ0HQ6″]

Skechers Sure Track Slip-Resistant shoes are not only stylish, but they also provide fantastic stability and support. The shoes feature quality leather material that guarantees durability in the long-run.

The heel overlays keep your feet grounded even when working in smooth surfaces. You’ll love the memory foam insole that adds comfort to the shoe. What’s more, you don’t have to suffer from foot fatigue or joint strain as the Skechers come with supportive FlexSole midsole.


  • Breathable mesh
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Size may run small


[amazon link=”B014YUDMGA” title=”Klogs Naples Mule” /]

[amazon box=”B014YUDMGA”]

The Klogs Naples Mules offer good arch support and a snug fit. You’ll love their unique design and style, something that will make you stand out. The soles have synthetic polyurethane material that is durable and slip-resistant.

They also have removable insoles that guarantee comfort throughout the day. Furthermore, they are lightweight and get multiple reviews for their fantastic support. Individuals with plantar fasciitis love the Klogs Naples mule due to their arch support.

Nevertheless, some users have had issues with the sole separating from the shoe and heel cracking. The sizing may make fitting difficult.


  • Excellent arch support
  • Removable insoles
  • Lightweight


  • irregular sizing


[amazon link=”B0752V79YS” title=”SoftWalk Meredith Clog” /]

[amazon box=”B0752V79YS”]

The SoftWalk women’s clog is superficially meant for nursing and medical professionals. Its functionality and style make it’s perfect for those long shifts where you need to walk and run around.

You’ll love how easy they are to clean due to their leather material and waterproof finish. Also, their pad system provides excellent sleep resistance. The company goes ahead to add footbed padding to ensure that you’re comfortable.

The lightweight rubber sole and creative padding absorbs shock and comfortably mold your feet as you walk. You may need a smaller shoe size than your regular fit as the SoftWalk shoes are bigger than a normal fit.

Some users have found the top of the shoe to be tight, while a few had issues with the shoe to peel off after several uses.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight


  • Not durable

Buyers Guide

Nursing is a demanding job that requires you to be on your feet daily. Investing in the right pair of shoes can make your trips around the hospital easier. The guide below will help you choose an appropriate pair to ensure that you’re comfortable all day.

Understand The Different Types Of Nursing Shoes

You have three types of shoes to choose from as a nurse. Clogs are famous due to their comfort and level of protection. The front part is covered to protect you from spills, while the back part is open for breathability and comfort.

Also, they are secure thanks to the strap at the back. Clog’s design helps alleviate pressure from your feet. What’s more, these shoes are ideal for use in operation theatres.

Tennis shoes or sneakers are excellent for nurses on the go. You can use them in the ER or the intensive care unit. Tennis shoes are perfect for running and prevent any slips due to their firm grip and traction.

Slip on shoes works well for the operation theatres as they are quick to change. They are easy to clean and comfortable.

You need to pick the appropriate type of shoe depending on your workplace policy. If you need to dress in a specific way, it’s best to be uniform and get something that everyone else is wearing.

Figure Out Your Daily Functions

nurses running shoes

You need to determine what your daily functions are before you go shoe shopping. Ask yourself if you need to lift heavy items, if you spend most of your day seating or standing, and if you have any medical conditions that might affect the type of shoe you choose.

Most nurses carry two pairs to work and switch them depending on the task. Also, you can speak to an experienced podiatrist; this will give you an idea of what shoes to get based on your health needs and budget.

Find A Comfortable Pair

One of the critical factors to consider when shopping for nursing shoes is comfort. You’ll be spending most of your time with them and how well they fit could impact your work. Heavy shoes may be durable but could affect your movement.

You need a lightweight pair if your work involves making several rounds in the hospital. Also, you can opt to buy compression socks to improve comfort. These socks promote blood flow and circulation, something that reduces swollen feet.

Determine If The Shoe Has Arch Support

Your feet have a natural curve in the inner part of the soles. However, a few people don’t have the arch; they instead have flat feet. You need to buy a pair that offers arch support to reduce pressure in the feet.

If you have flat feet, you can opt to get orthotic inserts with a customized shoe to ensure that you’re comfortable.

Evaluate The Design And Construction

You can find nursing shoes in various styles, with some featuring different construction and design. Nursing shoes may include tennis shoes, athletic shoes, clogs, and crocs. All these shoes have their pros and cons based on your medical condition, feet type, and work surface.

As a nurse, you need to decide if comfort precedes good looks, or you’d rather opt for good looking shoes that are not comfortable.  

Check The Shoe For Stability And Support

It’s essential to pick a shoe that provides excellent stability and support if you work for long hours. The best shoes for nurses should have these two qualities for health and comfort reasons. Try out the shoe to ensure it offers ample ankle and back support to reduce leg, back, and foot pain.

Pair of white running shoes

The height, shape, and material of the shoe can affect the shoe’s performance. You need to experiment with various features to see what works best.

When checking the shoe for support, you need to ensure that it fits snugly. The fit will depend on your feet’s width and size. Most regular shoes fit. However, if you have wide feet, you may need to find a company that customizes nurse shoes based on your specifications.

Don’t Forget Slip Resistance

As a nurse, you may have to deal with environments with spills and liquids, something that can pose slipping hazards. It’s crucial to get a pair that has excellent slip resistance and grip to prevent any injuries.

Consider The Material Of The Shoe

You can find different nursing shoes made from rubber, leather, or synthetic material. However, those made from synthetic leather are not as ideal as they only make you sweaty and hot. Shoes made from canvas are challenging to clean and can quickly get stains.

Find nursing shoes made from rubber and leather as these materials are easy to clean and maintain. What’s more, they’re durable and comfortable to walk in all day.

Go For Reputable Brands

Another way to find a comfortable pair id to consider industry-specific brands as they have years of experience. Companies like Scrub Zone, Dankso, Avia, and NurseMaters are a favorite with most nurses due to their range of nursing shoes.

These companies focus on shoes for hospital usage and would be a good place to start your search. Furthermore, most brands have approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association, which ensures that you’re getting quality-approved shoes.

Determine How Much You’re Willing To Spend

Quality nursing shoes come at a cost. You don’t want to buy a cheap pair that won’t last for a month, not to forget some cause ankle and foot pain. Also, you don’t want to splurge on a single pair if you’re on a budget.

Do your homework with a budget in mind to find a comfortable and durable shoe. Check if the extra features are worth an extra buck if your budget allows you to spend more.

Final Thoughts

While selecting the best shoes for nurses may seem daunting at first, with patience and a bit of homework, you can find a perfect pair. Remember that you can add inserts to make your shoes comfortable.

Our comprehensive buyer’s guide above will help you pick a pair that meets your needs. Choose a shoe from our list of the best nursing shoes above and enjoy a comfortable experience in the long-run.

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