Best Smart Wifi Sprinkler Controller Reviews 2018 – Level Up Your Watering System With These Smart Devices

best smart sprinkler controller reviews featured

best smart wifi irrigation sprinkler controller reviews

Are you thinking about getting the best wifi sprinkler controller? You must have been spending a lot of time scouring the internet for wifi sprinkler controller reviews just to find out which product is the best fit for you.

The WiFi Sprinkler Controller Is the Best Irrigation Controller

WiFi sprinkler controllers are the best irrigation controllers as they help you keep your lawn beautiful and healthy. With this device, you are able to prevent your green lawn from turning yellow by watering the beds automatically and without the need of manual irrigation. If you are the type of person who is busy all the time but you still want to make sure you are not neglecting your lawn, this device will be great for you.

There are so many brands and products out there that offer great features and services. It could be a little overwhelming looking into it and checking every detail that each product says. That is why it is very important that you know exactly what you are looking for when you decide which brand and product you should get.

Things You Need to Consider When Buying the Best Sprinkler Controller

You might think at first that you can just buy any smart sprinkler controller and let it do its work for you. However, you need to think of all the things you should consider when you want to get the best sprinkler controller. Every product is unique and comes with different features. You need to make sure that the sprinkler controller you get has all the features you need to satisfy you.

Here are the features your sprinkler controller should have:

Real-time weather integration. A good smart sprinkler controller will have the ability to sync to live weather feeds automatically especially. It should be able to let you leverage environmental conditions and allow you to save and use water more effectively. Some sprinkler systems are able to connect with sources such as, NOAA, and much more.

Capability to handle multiple “zones”. There are smart sprinkler controller systems that come with multiple “zones”. This is great because it allows you to properly and easily manage the different parts of your lawn. With this feature, you are able to scale the complexity of how much water every part of your lawn needs.

App control. With this feature, you should be able to control and monitor your smart sprinkler system easily and directly from the app. You should also be able to receive alerts and notifications based on your preferences.

Advanced customization. Your smart sprinkler system should allow you to customize and adjust your watering level and change your timing for each zone in your lawn.

Ability to play with other devices. This feature should allow your sprinkler system to connect and play well with your other smart devices such as Amazon Echo or IFTTT.

Works as advertised. You need to see that the sprinkler system you are going to purchase really works as advertised. Make sure that the brand or the manufacturer has not just been overpromising and then under delivers. That is also why reading lots of reviews is very helpful when getting a new product that you want.

Price. You might think that when you have a lower budget, you will have the tendency to only afford products that do not have very high quality. That is not true at all. Most sprinkler controller systems will range from $150 to $300. Although most expensive systems will offer you better features and quality, some of those in lower costs still offer competitively low prices and good features.

Best Smart Sprinkler Controller Quick Comparison

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Best Smart Sprinkler Controller Reviews

Now that you know the different features you should look out for when buying your sprinkler controller system, let’s proceed to my reviews.

1. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 16 Zone 2nd Generation, Works with Amazon Alexa

Best Smart Sprinkler Controller Reviews-Rachio Smart Sprinkler ControllerHere is a sprinkler controller that has been considered highest-rated and best-selling not only by its manufacturers but also by its loyal customers and users. It is definitely one of the leading products when it comes to smart watering systems.

What you will love about this product is that it is very easy to control wherever you are and whatever time you want to use it. It is equipped with features that allow you to have complete access to the system and be able to monitor and adjust it straight from your phone, your tablet, your laptop or whatever smart device you own.

This product is able to connect with smart home platforms. You can easily integrate it with any home platforms that you have such as Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Nest and many others. With this great feature, you will have more options when using the system and you will be able to have more control of it.

Furthermore, this device is very easy to install and setup even if you have no prior experience of it. You can replace your current controller and run it without issues just within half an hour. You also do not have to be so knowledgeable about technology or use any special tools just to configure your controller since it is very easy to do that. All you have to do is understand the instructions that come with it and follow the guide carefully.

Another thing that I think you will like is its weather integration. This sprinkler system will continuously adapt to the local weather forecasts and automatically optimize your watering schedules. That just means that you do not have to worry about keeping your watering system active when the forecast predicts incoming rain. With this, you will be able to save up to 50% of your original consumption of water.

The only thing you need to think about more is its price. It is a bit more expensive compared to other sprinkler systems. However, with all of its great features, it will still be good for you since it will also help you save more water and even money in the future.

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2. Orbit 57950 B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor 12-Station WiFi Sprinkler System Controller, Works with Amazon Alexa

Best Smart Sprinkler Controller Reviews-Orbit 57950 B-hyveAnother wifi sprinkler controller that you need to consider in your list is the one by Orbit. There are so many good reasons why I like this product a lot. First, it is equipped with a B-hyve app that works well for Android, iOS and even web devices. This app will allow you to have full control to the system wherever you are. You can either set your timer on the app itself or you can just let its weather-based software set a program for you.

Furthermore, this sprinkler system comes with a WeatherSense technology that will provide watering based on your site’s conditions. This means that the watering system will depend on your soil type, the sun or the shade, the forecast and live weather feeds. With this feature, you are able to save more water and money as it allows you to adjust your system according to the right amount of water that your lawn or garden needs.

Other than that, you will also be able to save more water by integrating your B-hyve timer with the use of Catch Cups or Orbit 26250. With this controller, you can save up to 50% more water. I especially like this feature since it will not just help you keep your plants healthy, it will also help you save a lot of money by not wasting and using too much water.

Finally, you will also like that this sprinkler system works very well with Amazon Alexa. This means that you can use voice control to activate your watering system. How cool is that? I think this will make everything so much easier. The only thing is, even if this device is a lot cheaper than the other devices if you do not have Amazon Alexa, and you want to be able to control your system with only simple vocal phrases, you will have to purchase it separately. Even the Catch Cups or Orbit 26250 are sold separately.

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3. Orbit B-hyve 57915 Smart 4-Station WiFi Sprinkler System Controller

Orbit B-hyve 57915 Smart 4-Station WiFi Sprinkler System Controller, 4-Zone, Gray

If you’re looking for a Smart Sprinkler Controller, I recommend Orbit B-hyve. First of all, this controller could help save you money and water, thanks to its automatically adjusting technology.

This EPA WaterSense and SWAT Certified controller uses weathersense technology to deliver just the right amount of water to your yard at the right amount of time. Smart WeatherSense automatically adjusts your controller based on local weather data and ground conditions such as sun exposure, soil type, and slope. These certifications also mean the system saves water and may be eligible for rebates from your local water or utility company. Simply set you system to Smart mode and let it do all the work.

Conversely, if you like to operate the system manually, you’ll have plenty of options. In addition to Smart mode, the Orbit B-hyve Smart Sprinkler System can operate four custom watering programs, each having up to four start times each. That’s a total of 12 custom possibilities.

Moreover, there is also an override built in that allows you to start or stop watering whenever.

Need to make changes because you are facing a drought and water restrictions? Simply tell the controller when you can and cannot water, and it will take care of the rest.

In addition, the controller’s large LCD screen is protected in a weatherproof case that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. This allows you to easily manage and monitor your sprinkler’s activities. It has corrosion resistant secure terminals that can stand up to tough weather. The panel is easy to install, thanks to step-by-step illustrated instructions.

Finally, if you’re a fan of apps, this sprinkler system offers even more appeal. The controller also works via an app that is fully functional with Android, iOS or web app for total control straight from your smart device. This means you can control the entire system no matter where in the world you are. It is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and pairs with Bluetooth.

This controller puts you in total control of watering your yard.

One important factor to keep in mind is that this system is only compatible with North American electrical outlets that use 110V. However, an international version of this system is also available.

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4. RainMachine Mini-8, Cloud Independent, The Forecast Sprinkler, Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller, 2nd Generation

Best Smart Sprinkler Controller Reviews- RainMachine Mini-8In case you are looking for the best irrigation controller that is not too expensive but also not too cheap, you will definitely like this next product by RainMachine. I especially like the app design of this sprinkler system. It is very clean and simple and is perfectly easy to use.There are actually many reasons why you should consider this product. First of all, if you want a sprinkler system that will help you save lots of water, this product will do it for you. It is integrated with free real-time weather from NOAA, METNO and Wunderground, which means that it will have the most accurate weather forecast. Getting a very accurate weather forecast will make your watering schedule more perfect as well.

Moreover, this product can connect to any smart devices such as your iPhone, Android phone, web browser. Whatever device you have, you can easily control your sprinkler system and monitor it anytime and anywhere. It can even connect and work well with Amazon Alexa and Nest via IFTTT. However, you need to take note that these two are sold separately. So if you want to integrate your system with these, you have to buy them as well.

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5. Rain Bird ST8I-WIFI Smart Irrigation Indoor WiFi Sprinkler System Timer/Controller, 8-Zone

Best Smart Sprinkler Controller Reviews-Rain Bird ST8IJust in case you want a controller system with a sprinkler timer, here is a product by Rain Bird that I greatly recommend. It works very well and conveniently with a WiFi Signal. With this feature, you can easily adjust your system’s programs and control your timer anytime, anywhere.

Another thing I like about this sprinkler system is that, just like the others, it has the capacity to adjust its daily watering schedule based on the season, the local weather, the temperature and even the humidity. This is very important especially if you want to save water and billing costs.

What also makes this product special is that it is able to notify or inform you about what is happening in your lawn when you are not there. That means you can just look at your Rain Bird app and easily monitor your system’s watering activities.

The only thing you need to check on this product is its device compatibility. It works better with iOS 8 or greater and Android 4.4 (KitKat) or even later versions. This means that if you are using other versions or other smart devices, it may not work the way you want it to or how it promises it would.

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Best Smart Sprinkler Controller Conclusion

There are indeed so many smart wifi sprinkler controller systems you can choose from on the Internet. Each of these products offers unique and helpful features that will surely satisfy your needs. It can be a little difficult to decide and choose which one is the best smart sprinkler controller perfect for you. However, with my wifi sprinkler controller reviews, I am hoping that you will be able to get the best wifi sprinkler controller.

Do you have any comments or suggestions? Please do not hesitate to leave a message below and I will be glad to answer all of them. If you enjoyed reading this article, feel free to click the “like” button and share it with your friends. Thank you so much for reading!


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