Best Tennis Racquet For Men And Women: Features, Price, And Ratings

Best tennis racquet

When you want to get that perfect backhand in a friendly but impassioned game of tennis, you’ll want to maximize your efforts with the best tennis racquet. We did the homework to narrow down the best racquets for tennis for both men and women, so when it’s time to serve, you’ll be equipped to take on the competition.

Best Tennis Racquet for Men and Women

The game of tennis can quickly escalate into an intense battle between wills, and to look sharp and be ready for the comeback, you'll want the best tennis racquet for your skill level and style of playing.

Not all tennis racquets are created equal, and the features that a professional tennis player may love to see within a racquet may do nothing for a fledgling or intermediate player in a match. When it comes to playing tennis, you’ll want to look over your choice of racquet for specific qualities before making a final decision.

After considering your strengths and weaknesses, playing style, and the type of court your typically play upon,you should place value on the following features of a tennis racquet.

  • How heavy is the racquet, and how broad or narrow is the grip?
  • Is the head large or small?
  • The length of the racquet should be comfortable for your hand and size, to accomplish your stroke.
  • The amount of give that your racquet has will impact how you serve and receive the ball.

How We Choose Our Ratings

After scouring the internet, examining features valued in a tennis racquet, looking at the go-to racquet choices of professionals, and considering brand reputation and customer feedback, we came up with this list of the best tennis racquets for both men and women.

We considered price, accessibility, stand-out features and any technological advancements, and which skill level is paired best with each tennis racquet listed before selecting it for this list; and celebrity tennis endorsements did carry some weight.

Top 7 Best Products Reviewed

Men and women of all skill levels should be able to find a quality tennis racquet that suits their playing style, skill level, and is enjoyable to play a friendly or competitive match on the court.

Head Graphene Touch Instinct S

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Tennis Racquet: HEAD Graphene Touch Instinct S

Built with Graphene Touch technology, this racquet combines power and control but has fewer vibrations. The cross-section enhances the racquet's stability and gives players a larger sweet spot.

Compared to predecessors, this racquet has a slightly smaller head size and a thicker beam for increased power and stability. Maneuvering with this racquet is smooth, comfortable, and the string pattern improves spins. This tennis racquet is user-friendly, and an excellent choice for players of all skill levels.

You’ll get dependable power delivery without incurring too much shock on your arm. When you want to ramp up the pace of gameplay, add some spin on the ball, and enjoy enhanced control, you’ll want to have this racquet by your side.

This racquet responds well on volleys and moves quickly to connect to full swings comfortably.


  • Larger molecules distribute weight from the center of the racquet
  • Lively feel
  • Offers more power for groundstrokes and creating spin
  • Bigger sweet spot


  • Beyond the sweet spot, power and stability falter a bit

Wilson Burn 100S

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Tennis Racquet:Wilson Burn 100S

Tennis players who like a racquet that delivers heavy shots with power and precision may want to choose the Wilson Burn 100S racquet. The string pattern helps athletes create sharper angles and put the spin on the ball just the way they like.

Players may have a lot of fun with returns when using this racquet, and serving the ball or making a slice with this racquet is responsive. However, players may be a bit miffed about the stiffness of this tennis racquet impacts their comfort.

Although this racquet is excellent for delivering a lot of power and spin with precision, players may struggle with finding the sweet spot. And the stiff feel during gameplay might make athletes want to keep their matches short.

Overall, if you enjoy burning through the competition with explosive delivery and spin, this racquet is a winner.

More intermediate and advanced players will want to choose this racquet.


  • Creates a lot of explosive power behind shots
  • Suitable for creating spin with improved control
  • Excellent for volleys
  • Can sustain a higher pace of play


  • The racquet can feel a bit stiff, making it uncomfortable during long matches

Head Graphene XT Instinct MP

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This lightweight tennis racquet endorsed by athlete Maria Sharapova provides players with a racquet that delivers a combination of maneuverability, power, and has a soft feel.

The graphite frame helps raise the sweet spot, and the Head Hydrosorb Pro grip gives you sufficient handling, increases power, and reduces vibration. The bumper and bridge of the racquet are molded into the frame.

This best tennis racquet may work for beginners. However, aggressive intermediate level players may appreciate using this racquet in matches a bit more than novices.


  • Suitable for creating topspins or making a slice
  • Fewer vibrations
  • Excellent maneuverability swings fast with smooth acceleration
  • A lightweight build with a lively feel


  • Stability issues for defense against hard-hit shots

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3

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Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3

The Hyper Hammer is one of Wilson’s most popular models, and tennis players Lindsay Davenport and Todd Martin have played with this racquet. At a length of 27.5 inches, tennis players can take advantage of increased leverage and reach for returns, without sacrificing reaction to balls that are closer to the body.

Players who make short swings, and want to pack a punch of power behind their return may like this tennis racquet. The head is oversized for more forgiveness, and the Head Heavy balance improves stability.

Players who appreciate a lighter and longer racquet can take advantage of making medium to full swings at a fast pace. This racquet is one of Wilson's more popular Hyper Carbon models, which stands up to racquets made from titanium. Hyper Carbon is 65% lighter than titanium and 4x stronger.

Beginner and intermediate athletes who choose this lightweight but strong racquet may appreciate the increased power behind serves or want to get a nice spin on their ball. The frame is oversize, offers a larger sweet spot, and gives players a burst of explosive power behind their returns. If you are looking for a racquet that delivers power, but don’t want to sacrifice control, this racquet may be the one.


  • Oversized head for power and forgiveness
  • Longer length improves reach
  • Good for compact swings
  • Open string pattern increases spin and power


  • Takes time learning to control the ball because of power delivery

Babolat Pure Strike 16×19

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If you value playing with a racquet that is lightweight and professional, the Babolat Pure Strike is available for players with an aggressive strike. This racquet is made to utilize power and create spin fully and has a head size made for precision.

The responsiveness of this enhanced frame utilizes a hybrid square and elliptical frame construction. Precision and stability when returning the ball are assisted by the wider beam in the throat.

You’ll feel confident handling volleys, or hitting back heavier balls while maintaining maneuverability. The frame can be a bit stiff, so a lower string tension or softer string can help offset the user experience. This tennis racquet is useful for hitting balls at the baseline and net.

Players who are looking for a racquet with more swing weight or flex may want to pass on this racquet. You may find your arm tensing up to compensate for the feel, and you won't get that whip action when striking the ball. You may want to see how your arm feels after hitting a few balls with this racquet for a bit first, before making a final decision.

Intermediate and advanced players will appreciate the power and control gained using this racquet. This racquet is made to attack but gives you control and precision when creating spin and power behind your delivery. If you are a larger player who looks for some weight in your racquet, this model may be too light to feel comfortable.


  • Improves accuracy of groundstrokes
  • Hybrid Frame increases responsiveness
  • Combines attack power, spin, and precision
  • The frame is lightweight for faster swings


  • The racquet doesn’t have whip action when striking

Wilson Blade 98

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Wilson is a favorite brand that many avid tennis enthusiasts turn to when they need a tennis racquet. The Wilson Blade 98 utilizes Countervail technology to reduce muscle fatigue in your arm, and lessen the shock, without compromising the feel of the racquet during gameplay.

Although this racquet is comfortable and has dependable responsiveness, players might feel at a loss for connecting to the ball.

This racquet is a solid choice for players of all levels, but it may not give you that whip behind your swing like other racquets. Players may appreciate the swing weight that allows you to drive through specific shots, or make backhand slices with relish.

The construction and mechanics behind this racquet respond well to shorter swings, giving you controlled power and add a spin on returns. Albeit the shock technology saves your arm from taken on abuse from shock, or overcompensation, that feeling of connecting to the ball as it leaves the strings of your racquet is not as solid.

This racquet has stability for creating backspin on volleys and offers a larger sweet spot.


  • Creates a nice amount of spin
  • Comfortable to handle and offers decent maneuverability
  • The power behind heavy groundstrokes is moderate
  • The racquet is forgiving when making contact


  • Lacks power behind serves

Babolat Pure Aero Play

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You may feel your confidence surge when you pick up this tennis racquet that is endorsed by Rafael Nadal. ThePure Aero has an improved aerodynamic beam and offers players a racquet that absorbs vibrations, and its broad and open string bed adds to smoother gameplay.

This racquet is responsive when striking volleys, and you can dole out flat serves, or deliver power and spin behind returns to your opponent without losing control and maneuverability. The swing weight is higher on this racquet than previous renditions, which adds that punch of power and bite behind your hand.

When making groundstrokes, this racquet still maintains its delivery of power and spin, with stability and comfort. Players will enjoy plowing through moves without losing control. The elongated grommets contribute to dampening the racquet and allow the stringbed to pocket and angle the ball as needed.

Players who love hitting at the baseline with power and spin might fall in love with this racquet. Depending on whether you like to use a backhand or forehand, you can generate a lot of spin and get a nice whip because of the swing weight.

This racquet was made for aggressive serves and can manage to transition quite nicely between offense and defense on the court.


  • Easy to aggressive serve and return because of forgiveness and spin
  • Large sweet spot
  • Delivers some explosive power with substantial response
  • Transitions well between offensive and defensive shots


  • Could have slightly better control and feel on volleys and returns

Buyer’s Guide

Before you make a final decision, it doesn’t matter how fantastic a tennis racquet may appear because of the features offered, or the price point, if it doesn’t match up to your strengths and playing style.

Whichever best tennis racquet you choose from our reviewed list should be the best fit for you. If you are looking to develop your hand and stroke, you may not want to select a heavier racquet that is stiff or has a smaller head. A lightweight racquet with a large head and long length may not feel right for some players, but just right for others.

The tennis racquet choices of many professionals may be on the pricier side and typically promote the strengths within their style of play.

You will also want to be aware whether the racquet you select is sold unstrung or strung, requiring you to consider the weight and tension behind your choice of strings.

Ultimately, the best tennis racquet you end up selecting for your gameplay should have a good balance, feel  comfortable when gripping, and return the ball the way you want. During gameplay, you don’t want your racquet giving you the feeling that you are overcompensating, absorbing more shock than is comfortable, or throwing your stroke off.

Assess your playing styles, know the features your tennis racquet must have, choose your gear, and get ready to hit the court.

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