Best Crossfit Shoes For Crossfit Training: Features, And Overall Ratings

Crossfit shoes

Crossfit shoes

Crossfit training can bring anything to the table. Lifting, running, pushing and pulling are common activities for the sport. The right shoes are essential to provide support, grip, stability and cushioning. Not just any trainer will do.

Check out the list of the best Crossfit shoes to get your head back in the game.

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Best Crossfit Shoes For Crossfit Training

Crossfit is no longer just an exercise program. For many trainers, it is a way of life. Combining the varied and multiple aspects of weight training, Olympic lifting, plyometrics and several other training circuits, Crossfit is a high-intensity workout and competitive fitness program.

If you are working out, training, or competing in a Crossfit event, you need the right shoes. The best Crossfit shoes will offer you support, stability and impact resistance and absorption. Since the training is so intense, you need to be able to concentrate on the weights and obstacles in your path and worry less about what your feet are doing.

Picking the right shoes will allow you to forget about your footwear, and keep your head in the game.

How We Choose Our Ratings

Crossfit shoes are not just your ordinary workout shoes. You will be competing, exercising and performing in various ways on various terrains and it is never the same. Depending on the workout of the day, you may find yourself lifting, doing gymnastics, running or anything else exercise related. The shoes you choose must be able to handle the constant changes and still hold up.

Our ratings are based on materials used for the shoe construction, durability, and reliability.

From the type of waffle to the thickness of the tongue, everything is weighed and measured.

Once the shoe has been examined, it is tested in the lab and real-world conditions for durability and reliability.

Double seems stitches, triple stitches, or weak, glued insoles are all taken into account, and the rating is given. Before the final star rating is applied we also look at consumer concerns and compliments. We, not only rate on price and build but also on how it will perform once it is on your foot and we do so by listening to you when you describe your likes and dislikes.

In the end, a rating out of five stars is given, with 5 out of 5 stars being the best. The list provided here is the best of the best Crossfit shoes we could find.

The 7 Best Crossfit Shoes

You want reliable, breathable, flexible shoes that must also be supportive, strong and able to grip and keep your feet steady on any surface. While style and budget do come into play (who doesn’t want to look good on the court?), you will need to be worried less about your feet and more about the days’ task ahead of you.

This list brings the best of all the aspects out and provides you with choices where the comparisons and research have been done for you.

[amazon link=”B0773TKBYS” title=”No Bull Training Shoe” /]

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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No Bull designed explicitly for Crossfit training, and you will see more than a fair share of them running around your local Crossfit gym. The No Bull trainer provides all the support and grip you will need no matter what the workout of the day.

No Bull offers a sleek and basic design that doesn’t attempt to be flashy or overly colorful. It is a shoe designed to do a job, not look the part. The shoes are a single piece top layer construction that offers bridge support and breathable mesh.

There are also lateral, and high medial carbon supports for angle running and sliding. The waffle on the outer sole is designed to take on any terrain it comes in contact with and has a slip- resistant design to keep you firmly planted.

[amazon link=”B01IFSWMI6″ title=”Inov-8 All Train 215 Cross-Trainer Shoe” /]

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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The 215 from inov-8 is a brand you may not have heard much about. However, once your foot is inside and you are running, jumping, sliding and lifting in the gym, you will wonder why. The shoe is fully supportive from the arch to the bridge and offers superb breathing from the top mesh.

Your foot will stay cool, and aired allowing for sweat and moisture to dissipate so you don’t slide inside the shoe. The waffle design allows for stability and traction on all surfaces in most conditions.

inov-8 uses heel-lock technology to provide a firm and steady foundation when lifting weights and doing squats to keep you firmly in place and stable.

[amazon link=”B005UWIY92″ title=”NIKE Metcon 4 Training Shoe” /]

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

[amazon box=”B005UWIY92″]

Nike provides superior support and trainer with the Metcon 4. The no-frills shoe gives you stability and reliability from a name you know and trust. While maintaining a low key appearance, there are a wide variety of color options to choose from if you want that splash of color.

The shoe itself, though is what matters most. Durable inseam and outer sole stitching give you long-term benefits without worry of seam splitting. The shoe is breathable from the top and offers medial support for quick directional changes.

Nike’s Flywire is built into the lacing to add stability to the bridge of the foot and keep everything securely in place.

Running, jumping or lifting will not affect your feet. You will always remain supported by all ranges of movement.

[amazon link=”B00Q4V6TKY” title=”ASICS GEL-Fortius TR 2 Training Shoe” /]

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

[amazon box=”B00Q4V6TKY”]

The TR 2 from Asics is a complete training shoe that offers support and sole grip where others are lacking. With a 2.6-inch shaft form the arch, the stability is apparent the moment you lace up. The shoe is solid construction with low ankle to minimize breakage during quick directional changes.

The mesh top provides the required airflow to keep the foot cool and moisture free. Top level eyelets allow for dual tongue support to keep everything in place and prevent your foot from sliding inside the shoe.

The outer sole is rubber for grip on all surfaces in all conditions and wraps upwards over the toe to provide added stability when lunging and squatting.

[amazon link=”B0792PLN1K” title=”Adidas Powerlift 3.1 Cross-Trainer Shoes” /]

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

[amazon box=”B0792PLN1K”]

The Powerlift 3.1 is a full support shoe from Adidas. It provides maximum support all around the foot and ankle for reliable stability in any situation. The top mesh extends to the tongue, collar, and lining for the most airflow on the market to date.

The textile and rubber outer sole adds grip and stability for all foot angles, even rocked up on the heels or standing on your tiptoes. The Velcro strap keeps the laces and tongue secure and prevents foot slippage from inside.

The bridge and arch are doubled for added support and comfort while the high ankle adds stability for lateral movements. No matter the conditions or how much you are sweating your foot will remain where it should be inside the shoe to allow for all external movements to be performed.

[amazon link=”B079ZDHNZ1″ title=”Reebok R Crossfit Nano 7.0 Cross Trainer” /]

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Crossfit gyms are easily conquered when your foot is inside the Nano 7.0 from Reebok. The extremely breathable AreoMesh allows for complete flow of air to prevent and wick away any foot moisture.

The low cut design doesn’t provide any ankle support but is crafted for lateral movements and high-speed directional changes. If you have weaker ankles or require moderate support, the Nano 7.0 isn’t for you. However, if you need a shoe that will grip any surface and provide arch and bridge support while being flexible and moving with you instead of against you, it’s a perfect fit.

[amazon link=”B00MG5PFO8″ title=”NIKE Free Trainer 5.0 V6 Training Shoe” /]

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

[amazon box=”B00MG5PFO8″]

Another entry from Nike comes from the Free Trainer 5.0. This shoe was designed for Crossfit gyms, providing support in the heel, bridge, and arch.

Outer sole flex grooves allow for natural foot movement which gives support in the medial and high arch when needed. Too much lateral movement can promote ankle roll, so you must be able to maintain your own balance when performing side to side actions.

The shoe breathes through a mesh top and tongue that promotes airflow throughout the shoe.

Like the Metcon 4, the Free Trainer 5.0 offers Flywire support for lace placement and top of foot stability. The rubberized toe-wrap adds pivot point grip and stability in a range of motions forward and back while the arch and bridge keep the foot grounded.

Designed for most conditions, the Free Trainer will grip any surface from any angle providing the best stability when jumping and landing on different leveled planes.

Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the best Crossfit shoes, fit matters the most. If the shoe doesn’t fit properly, it doesn’t matter how much support or stability the shoe offers. You should always properly size your foot and test the shoe out before purchase.

If you are switching brands (usually wear Nike and purchasing a Reebok, for example), you will need to make sure the new brand fits properly instead of just relying on the size number. Each shoe will run different, meaning an 11 in Nike isn’t the same fit as an 11 in Adidas.

Budget and Aesthetics are also important. You should ensure that the shoe purchase is one that will last. When spending money on higher priced items the durability needs to be there, so you don’t find yourself making another purchase just a few months later.

The shoe also needs to look good. If you are constantly worried that the shoe doesn’t have eye appeal, you are psychologically thinking about your footwear when you should be concentrating on your tasks. Especially when weights are involved, your shoe should be the last thing on your mind. Make sure you are happy with the fit and look to avoid any complications mentally, later on.

Because Crossfit workouts are so varied, you need to be prepared for anything and have a shoe that can handle anything. Some days you will be running and jumping more than others. You will also have days where Olympic style lifting is required. Your shoe should be able to support your feet and arches while lifting and your heels and ankles when running.

When making your purchase, you will need to consider things like ankle support (or ankle cut- outs to allow extra movement) as well as how high the laces will go. Top level eyelets should be used as well as tongue support. The laces should thread through the tongue to help the shoe stay on properly without anything moving around.

It should be a snug but comfortable fit, and there shouldn’t be the need for any break-in period.

If the shoe doesn’t feel right the first time you put it on, it’s not the right shoe for you.

Always test the shoe in person by lacing it up correctly and walking, jumping and running, allowing for angle changes, foot movement or restriction, and other Crossfit style moves. If all works well and the fit and style work for you, you have your new shoe. Congratulations.

In Conclusion

The best Crossfit shoes are the ones that will be forgotten as soon as you put them on. You should purchase a shoe that isn’t going to allow your foot to slide around and one that will offer arch support.

Brand names may matter to you, but you may also find that a brand you don’t normally purchase for everyday wear, offers the best fit and stability for your Crossfit training days. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to brand names and try something new. You may just be surprised.

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